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21 Ways To Benefit From PLR Products

21 Ways To Benefit From PLR Products


PLR sites are great sources of information that you can use for your own business as contents or as products. There are more than a hundred PLR sites out there but you just have to look for the best source of PLR products so you can create quality products that you can either sell or personally use. Consistently providing great contents and great products can rank your trustworthiness higher than internet marketers who simply copy and paste PLR products that weren’t even personally scrutinized.

Once you find excellently created PLR products from a single or a couple of sources, you can then launch your best form of imagination on what to do with them. There could be hundreds of different ways of doing it, but in this post, I’ll give you 21 ways to benefit from those PLR products. Hopefully, you’ll end up having more than what I have prepared.


How To Use PLR Products:

  1. Learn from those who’ve been there. You’ll definitely learn a lot from quality PLR contents if you’re just patient enough to find them. Go through the PLR products and absorb whatever you can.
  1. Use PLR products for personal contents. Since you need to update your site/blog regularly, say weekly, use PLR articles or portions of an ebook to create new posts. It’ll absolutely save you more time and hassle!
  1. Use the content as email messages in your Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp or any autoresponder of your choice.
  1. Create your own membership site and resell PLR products with PLR, MRR and RR. Better yet, create a page where product owners can send their PLR products for a win-win proposition.
  1. Create a video out of old but timeless PLR articles. There are a number of different ways to make a video even without that video editing skill. With the power of Videoscribe, Easy Sketch Pro 2.0, Powtoon, etc., you’ll be good to go.
PLR products turned into video through Whiteboard animation

© Sergey Nivens / Dollar Photo Club

  1. Give them as freebies to your customers. If you’re in the evergreen market such as Weight Loss, you can pick quality products from a number of PLR sites and you’ll delight your customers by receiving valuable information for FREE!
  1. If you’re fond of teaching others, create an e-course out of your passion. There are hundreds of quality PLR products that you can break into modules and sub-modules and call them a course, or in this case, an e-course. If you know WordPress by heart, you can do 50 or 60 modules of 1 to 2-min videos from setting up to posting to backing up. Since WordPress is regularly updated, the latest WordPress videos will most likely sell that time. You can check out this post as an example.
  1. Make your own PLR products through the PLR contents from some PLR sites. With the use of Camtasia or equivalent, you can create a whole new set of videos out of an ebook.
  1. Use the content to setup your newsletter. Call it a Success Tanker, Ninja Warrior, Success Commando, whatever. Just make sure that your contents will be of utmost value to your customers.
  1. Have you bought products or at least seen Sales Pages where they offer bonuses to their main products? They could be ebooks, reports, video or anything that’s related to your main product. They are PLR products too. You can definitely use them as bonuses to your main attraction.
  1. Turn any content into audio or MP3 products and start a podcast machine. You can either hire voice actors or do the voice over yourself. Have you heard of Audelio? If you’d like to start Podcasting with the right, tested tools, you’ll have 1 good option in Audelio.
  1. Rewrite PLR articles, bind them together and sell them to sites like e-Junkie or Payloadz.
  1. Rewrite a PLR ebook, enhance the grammar, amplify it with great graphics and you’ll have a whole new product.
  1. Do 1 or 2-min videos of some PLR articles and post them in Youtube to promote some of your pages or products. You can eventually earn quality backlinks that can make your site rank better.
  1. Rewrite PLR articles and submit them to article directories like,,, etc. Do it consistently and you’ll eventually gain some respect to make you an authority of your niche.
  1. Squeeze in some great information from an ebook and write a post in Linked In. Just make sure that you’ll come up with well-polished post – that is, grammar-free and updated information – since many of the readers are highly-respected professionals and businessmen. There are tons of quality information in PLR products, especially the more updated ones.
  1. Build your own PLR membership site and put in only quality PLR products. After about a couple of years, sell it to Site age and quality, Pagerank, Alexa Rank, site visitors are important for your site to be sold with much better value.
  1. Make a Powerpoint presentation out of those PLR products and share it in Slideshare. You’ll gain quality backlinks especially if your slide becomes viral.
  1. Use PLR contents in your webinars. Of course you need to create an engaging presentation to make it work. Just be creative enough, pour in maximum effort and you’re ready to go with your webinar schedules.
  1. Learn how to write Fiction through those PLR ebooks that’ll give you some tips and tricks about Fiction writing. Go to You’ll eventually earn followers for your books and at the same time promote your website as your fan base increases.
  1. And finally, create an account at Create Space ( and publish your own books. Those quality PLR products can definitely become “real” books at Create Space and you’ll be much prouder to see your name on those hard-bound or paperback books.
© SkyLine / Dollar Photo Club

© SkyLine / Dollar Photo Club


There you have it!

If you have more things in mind on how to use PLR products, feel free to share. I may have missed out a few other ways to maximize the use of PLR products. As to the best providers of PLR contents, you can visit Resell Right Weekly, IDPLR, Master Resale Rights or better yet, check out my other article, “Which of These 123 PLR Sites Are Your Top PLR Content Providers? for easier comparison of PLR sites. You’ll absolutely find the kind of PLR products that you’ve been looking for.