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How To Build A Website From Scratch Step by Step


Since the internet began in the 90’s, search engines like Yahoo and later on Google, Bing and many others never lost searches like “how to build a website from scratch”, “how to build a website from scratch for free” or “how to build a website from scratch step by step”. In fact, Google draws about 3600, 90 and 90, respectively on Global Searches per month on those particular searches. Other keywords like how to create a website, website tutorials, website making and the like also produce tens of thousands of Global searches accumulatively year on year.

This only means that there have been thousands and thousands of people wanting to start a blog or an online business day after day, thus the need to create websites. Despite the popularity of social media pages, creating personal or business websites continue to soar. You yourself may have your own reasons why you’d want to build a website from scratch.

This step-by-step procedure will hopefully guide you to successfully create  your own website in just one sitting. There are 6 concrete steps to completely guide you from scratch. Domain registration, finding web hosting services, setting up of Nameservers, creating an add-on domain (optional), setting up of an email account and the creation of the website itself. Though WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are highly popular CMS (Content Management Software) today, we’ll focus on WordPress which constitutes more than 50% of the websites today. So if you’re good to go, do focus your attention in completing the steps below.


How To Build A Website From Scratch Step by Step

Step 1. Register your Domain

Though you can create websites without your own domain, it’s just a big NO. If you want to start an online business, you’d most likely want to protect your own brand by having your own domain (ex. You wouldn’t want to rely on other sites to host your site which can technically do anything with their sites regardless how popular your site eventually becomes. And if they think that you’re not abiding by their rules and guidelines for whatever reason, they can easily bring your site down. Do you want that to happen to your site full of honestly-created contents? Probably not!

How To Create A Website From Scratch - Register your o

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Below is an instruction on how to register your domain. This is assuming you’ve already done your research on what specific domain name that’s related to your business you’d want to register.




Step 2. Choose Web Hosting Services

Now that you have a domain name, pick a host. This is where your website will actually reside. Registrars like Godaddy do have web hosting services but Hostgator, Namecheap, Philhosting, to name a few, are also competitive and affordable. This video will give you tips on how to choose web hosting services with both biased and unbiased opinions.




Step 3. Set Your Nameservers

After choosing the most appropriate web hosting services for you, you need to go back to your registrar where you registered your domain (if your registrar and web hosting service provider are not the same).  You need to set the Nameservers such that your domain will be pointed to your web hosting provider. Otherwise, it’ll be 1 step short. The video below will show you what to do to set you nameservers. Though I’m using Godaddy as registrar, the process will be the same regardless.



Step 4. Creating An Add-on Domain (Optional)

This step is necessary only if you’re using other domain names aside from the one that you’ve initially registered. Normally, some web hosting providers give out 1 free domain. Once exhausting this and once you’ve decided not to use that speciic domain name for whatever reason, you need to register another domain name, but not necessarily pick another web hosting service provider. Some web hosting services provide you with 5 or 6 add-on domains and others give you unlimited add-on domains. If you have registered, say, and on top of that you’d want to have, then they can both be housed in one web hosting service provider. The video below will show you the necessary steps.



And if you somehow decide to delete your add-on domain, here’s a quick video.


Step 5. Set up an Email Account

Having an email associated to your business is more professional to deal with than with, or Nothing against these guys, but if your email address is, it’s much better than I hope you got what I mean. Thus, it’s necessary to set up an email account first before finally installing WordPress. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up an email account using your domain address.



Again, for whatever reason you’d like to delete your Email Account(s), here’s a quick video.



Step 6. Installation of WordPress

Now that you’ve succeeded all the hurdles on how to create a website from scratch, let’s jump into the installation of WordPress and for the very first time, let’s see how your site will look like. Provided you’ve followed every step of the way, you shouldn’t be having issues in installing your very first website. Go to the video now and smile upon completion. After all, celebrating small wins can make the spirit stay healthier.



It’s also definitely important not to lose track of your login details. As experienced, it’s so easy to forget things especially when you’re on a roll. What you don’t want to happen though is to forget your login details and become helpless by not accessing your site. This tutorial will simply revisit that process.


I hope you’re happy of your first WordPress website. It’s functional but it definitely needs more tweaking to make you look like more of an authority rather than an amateur. If you however wish to proceed to more advanced tutorials, you can jump here and use keywords like “how to create a website”, “how to build a website from scratch”, etc. and you’ll be given options generously.

The second part of this tutorial is How To Use WordPress where we’ll discuss Permalinks, Themes, Plugins, Posts and a lot more. At this point, if you can afford to give yourself at least a smile as a sign of fulfilment, do it now. It’s worth it!

See you in the next sets of videos.

How To Create A Website From Scratch

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