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Is Your Purpose To Start Online Business Opportunities One Of These?


Online business opportunities for a young lady

Courtesy of Dollar Photo Club

If you’re soul-searching for online business opportunities, you must have a handful of good reasons why you’d want to positively pursue such endeavours. There could be tens or dozens of reasons for a lot of people why they’re contemplating, or have somehow started to go into web businesses, but you must have a few noble reasons yourself why you’d really want to prosper in some online business opportunities. One or more of the list below may be your own as far as your intention to go online is concerned.

Top 7 Reasons For Pursuing Online Business Opportunities


1. Earning Extra

Regardless of your current status, chances are, your income is not enough.  Thus, there’s always a room for a few more pennies to pay for some basic needs, if not, debts. Whether you’re a delivery guy,  a sales consultant, a dentist or an executive managing 10 or 100 people, your lifestyle might have changed from the time you’ve celebrated that first pay check. Growing families, cars, vacations, house mortgages, different forms of luxuries or a combination of all, could have made you require for more supplemental income today. Whether you’ve spent your earnings well or otherwise in the past, it is beyond the question. One thing’s for sure – you need a few more cash to make all ends meet.


2. Passion

Passion could be a result of your personal successes in particular fields in the past. You must have been had straight A’s in Journalism or Writing in your high school days that was probably why you’re directly or indirectly pursuing ebook writing or copywriting today. You must have surprised your parents’ guests when they took their first bite on your special dessert in one of your family occasions that was why you’re trying to establish a website for dessert recipes. And since you’ve been winning speaking contests in your college days, you’ve somehow convinced yourself that you can do seminars, webinars or at least voiceover or voice acting jobs as a freelancer these days. Going online because of your passion is the least that you can do to continue such fire. In fact, it could spell the difference between long and short term online successes.


3. Freedom

There is always a notion that when one’s into online business opportunities, he can do as freely as he wishes. He’ll be free from the peer pressures at work, he can work at any time of day or night, he’ll be free from yelling of some bosses; or he’ll be free to choose whatever income that he can dream of. Well, to some extent, yes they may be true. Online businesses though demand some little extras from you. Instead of working from 8 to 5, you may be required to do research works, video editing, writing articles, reading blogs and forums and a lot more. Though you may have more flexibilities, you may actually end up having 10-16 hours of work every day especially prior to your launches of websites or products. Though you may get rid of your unlikeable superiors, you may end up working on projects for strangers who’d demand more than what you’ve ever experienced in your corporate or professional life. Despite all these, if you could swallow all the tradeoffs that online business opportunities would offer, then you’re in for a bumpy yet more fulfilling ride especially if you’re working tremendously hard with your heart out.


4. Pursuing Dreams

Colin Powell once said, “a dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. That’s inarguably true! Things like beach houses, condos, cruises, Caribbean experiences, coolest and newest gadgets, jewelries, apparels and wearables could be part of your ultimate dreams that probably only money can buy. With your current purchasing power though, those would stay as dreams. Thus, the urge to earn more than what you’re generating today is consistently felt. For as long as you could associate your dreams with viable plans and swift executions, you can attain one or all of those dreams. You may start with extra income as attainable targets but if you could break the code of internet riches, then you may enjoy anyone’s grandest aspiration – earning handsomely on passive income! After all, luck comes only after hard work.


5. Career Shift

When you were a kid, you probably have thought of becoming a pilot; Or probably a doctor, a teacher or a basketball star. After attending classes and doing good in schools, you’ve probably landed a good job in your company of choice. Ideal? Let’s just assume that ideal things came into reality and you were part of that reality. Now, after 5 or 10 years of doing the same job that you’ve once aspired for; after listening to a few engaging talks of great speakers online and offline; after seminars, workshops and training; after adapting to technologies after technologies and after meeting a lot of individuals who could be better or worse than you were over the years, you’ve found yourself wanting to engage in a different path – something that could still be anchored in one of your passions but probably a little different from the things that you’re currently doing. If you feel like you’re one of them, then it’s a relatively awesome reason to pursue.


6. Retirement

You may already be at your 50’s or 60’s today that you’d want to call it quits. Probably you feel like you’ve worked for someone else long enough that you’d want to pursue something else for the remainder of your life. Probably aside from farming, you’d want to write some articles and books that would relate to your most recent experiences. Retiring doing nothing could also be one of your triggers for assertively seeking for something else to do after your colorful career. If you’re in the twilight of your career today but would still want to be valued in your remaining years, then that could be a noble reason for pursuing online business opportunities. We couldn’t be immortals but through the work of art, we can live forever in the hearts of our families and the new generations to come.


7. Advocacy

Finally, but definitely not the least, advocacy may be the most important purpose of fulfilling online business opportunities. Achieving financial success can bring you anywhere but if they’re anchored on specific advocacies, then you’d soar higher as you’d be lifted up further by the ones you’re serving. There are a lot of online and offline entrepreneurs who’ve greatly defined their missions in life. Almost always, their stories would strike a string hitting the highest note of my motivation . I recently attended our Leaders’ Summit and was inspired by the Viber CEO Talmon Marco. Just like many startups, Talmon went through a lot of failures before successfully launching a messaging app famously known as Viber. Though he didn’t directly talk about his advocacy, one can easily relate to its tagline – Connect. Freely. With its huge success in less than 5 years, Viber Media was bought by a Japanese Internet firm, Rakuten, for $900M. A story was comprehensively written about a year ago here.

Online Business opportunities like Viber can be positively pursued

Talmon Marco, Viber CEO, in one of his talks about Online Business Opportunities


I am not a heavily tech geek nor a businessman/programmer/software developer and may hardly reach Talmon’s success but just like anyone else who value advocacy, my mission is to introduce online business opportunities especially to those beginners who are skeptical of massive successes online. With bits and pieces of things that I do here in my site, I hope that one day I can reach out to someone who’d see some value in this endeavour. As simple as this seems, I think, it’s still one form of advocacy.

Before I conclude the purpose of advocacy, let me leave you a with a video clip from TED Talks featuring Nancy Lublin. The technology she was using wasn’t as complicated, in fact, it was just all about texting. This is not even about online business, yet the advocacy behind the idea was simply amazing.



So which of those reasons are yours? Can you relate to most, if not all, of them?


You must be truly inspired and may be planning for much bigger things ahead. Whatever niche you’ll eventually pursue, whatever advocacy you’ll support, however you intend to do it, just keep the right balance. You just can’t have it all in one sitting; probably not even in a year or two. Just continue to challenge yourself and ask “why I’m doing this?”. If your response continues to be in favor of pursuing online business opportunities, by all means, grab the bull by its head.

While you’re still serving the company you love (or even dislike) with all your might, keep building your tomorrow. You can simply allot an hour or two a day to make it happen. Someday, you’ll even surprise yourself of internet’s generosity. Online business opportunities will continue to inspire many of us as the internet of things will probably never cease. Now is the perfect time to be in the game.

Will you be one of those being applaud upon or will you be one of those giving the applause?

The choice is yours.