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Make This Last Resort WordPress Password Recovery Your First

Make This Last Resort WordPress Password Recovery Your First

Aside from a personal emergency that I had to attend to, I had an issue with Wordpress password recovery delaying my scheduled weekly post by 3 days. Thus, I have to post this article ahead of the rest while the process of recovering lost WordPress admin details is still fresh. There are a number of ways to do it according to Mr. Codex, but I’d say this one’s the best way to handle Wordpress password recovery. You may also find it handy when you need it the most.

When I googled, “wordpress password recovery”, I was brought to an article called Resetting Your Password. There were 8 suggestions on how to recover your WordPress password in that post, but since I already did a couple of them with no related success, I had to move on. Some instructions though were a bit foreign and sounded difficult to execute (i.e. Through MySQL Command Line, Through php MyAdmin, etc.), thus I had to further scan through the instruction.

Last Resort Wordpress Password Recovery

The 2nd to the last instruction seemed complex at first, but since I was running out of options, I had to deal with every difficulty that I might have had encountered. I was somehow ready for the worse when everything else would again fail but was at the same time calculating each probable risk. It’s not that easy to setup a blog from scratch especially if you’re trying to run quality contents.

The instruction looks like this.

Wordpress Password Recovery instruction from Codex

WordPress password recovery c/o


As you click the Emergency Password Script, you’ll be brought to an article at Codex where you’ll need to copy the script. Just copy and paste it in your text editor and save it as emergency.php. You may upload it via FTP, but I did mine using my Control Panel. Here’s a simple guide.

1. Go to your Cpanel and look for the File Manager.

2. Be sure that you’re in the File Manager Directory Selection and choose the concerned domain. Click Go.

3. Choose the domain that you want to edit and double click it. You should see the wp-config.php, wp-login.php and other relevant files in that root directory.

4. Upload the emergency.php file to the root directory. If permissions are asked, tick all the boxes so you’ll have 777.

5. Go to your browser and type in You should see this.

Last resort

Emergency WordPress Password Reset


This was where the tricky part lied. Having read the message ” Your use of this script is at your sole risk”, I was tempted to back out. But since I badly needed a Wordpress password recovery, I had to take the risk. You should too.

6. Enter your WordPress Administrator detail (you have to know this) and the new password.

7. Click Update Options.

8. Log in to your WordPress site using the new password and do your backup routine

This WordPress Password Recovery process should make you access your site once again. It may have been singled out as a last resort, but it did work fine for me. You should have the same good experience as I had since it’s equally recommended by Codex. You can even make this as your first option.

Best WordPress Password Recovery

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