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Top 100 PLR Sites To Help You Make Money Online Faster

Haven’t you fed your site with quality contents lately? Do you sometimes go blank and feel guilty of not refreshing your site with new contents?

Would you then opt to tap the services of ghostwriters, freelancers or some PLR sites if you can’t produce any from your own thoughts? As to the PLR sites, are you wondering how many of them are out there today and which of them are still active?

Would you go for best PLR sites or ghostwriters?

Would you go for ghostwriters, freelancers or the top 100 PLR sites?


There are those who have been operating for more than 5 years or even just 5 months and yet there are those who have shut down a few years ago for whatever reasons. You might have had bookmarked some PLR sites a couple of years ago but when their sites are clicked through today, you’d be redirected to messages like “domain for sale”, “not found” or otherwise.


Watch the 2-minute video below if you’ve experienced it in one way or another. In fact, there are 123 PLR sites in there.


Contents from PLR sites are great for inspirations to create your own posts or they can be used as they are if they’re aligned to your tone of writing. You just have to pick the most appropriate pieces of PLR contents, put it some videos or images and you’ll eventually produce a brand new post.

Who knows, you can make money online faster using the Top 10 or Top 100 PLR sites since you can update your contents ahead of the pack.