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What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Today?

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool Today?


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even an expert online marketer, you’ll most likely have this question from time to time – what is the best keyword research tool today?

keyword research tool as a necessity in making money online

What is the best Keyword Research Tool tool today?




The are a number of tools to find good keywords in the market today, including free and paid ones. The list below though are all geared to the latter. You may google “free best keyword research tool” and you’ll come up with articles pointing you to Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, Soovle, Wordstream’s Keyword tool and probably a lot more. The list below though are paid ones and may give you more insights on the current best keyword research tool. Well, some of them may be not that new but are still kickin’, but others are equally promising.

I’ve been using Google’s External Keyword research tool for some time, but since its end of life, I also parked this hobby for quite a while (I mean the blogging thing!). But as they said, old habits die hard! Thus, as I restart this journey, I’d better start with something to generously share with you. Since most of the great things online are done with website keywords, I’m sharing a list of keyword tools that can hopefully cut your research time by at least half.


Best Keyword Research Tool List

Here’s a list of probably 15 of the best keyword research tools today. Hopefully it’ll give you some quick insights on the pricing, domain age and quality of sites based on Page Rank. I simply ranked them using the Page Rank, then Alexa’s. There really are no rocket-science activities here, but hopefully, one or two of them can make you decide which is the best keyword research tool to invest in after tinkering with the free ones.


Keyword Research Tool Page Rank Alexa Rank Domain Age Price ($)
Wordtracker 6 5,639 15 years, 7 mos. 69
Keyword Spy 6 5,178 12 yrs, 1 mo 89
Keyword Discovery 5 28,303 10 years, 1 mo. 199.95
Keyword Elite 4 219,872 9 years 97
PPC Keyword Toolz 3 1,504,429 5 years 4 mos. 97
Keyword Ninja 3 1,118,157 4 years 6 mos 47
Micro Niche Finder 3 83,814 7 years 8 mos 99.99
Niche Finder 3 71,597 Null 97
Long Tail Pro 3 23,562 4 years 4 mos. 97
IM Eye 2 1,291,726 Null 147
PPC Web Spy 2 441,105 5 years 10 mos 97
Keyword Scout 1 1,131,871 3 yrs, 5 mos. 97
URL Keywordz 1 2,219,325 5 yrs, 6 mos. 47
Power Suggest Pro 0 719,608 3 mos  47
Ultimate Niche Finder 0 221,366 3 years, 3 mos 49.99

There you go! I hope it somehow rendered you simple information on the best tools to gather keywords for your web content. However, the question may still be in the air – who’s the best of them all?


The Best Keyword Research Tool In My Opinion…

Well, in my personal opinion, the best keyword research tool today is Wordtracker or Keyword Spy basing on their ranks. However, somebody’s knocking on someone’s doors –  Power Suggest Pro! Despite being the newest player in the industry, the Alexa rank is already less than the millionth mark. If you’d notice, some haven’t even hit that mark even after years of service. In a matter of months, it may even hit the 5-digit rank. Check its site and you’ll agree with me that it’s done professionally and with great precision. And with 3:23 min as average Daily Time on Site, it’s a much healthier time than Wordtracker’s 2:09.

Thus, don’t be alarmed that it’s at the bottom of the list. It only says that since it’s only a few months old, the Google Page Rank has yet to scrutinize it relentlessly. Thus, even if this site is “in progress”, I have to give it a go. It’ll do more good rather than harm, especially if you’re one of those looking for the best keyword research tool today.

Admittedly though, Mac users will be a bit disappointed since Ted Chen, the owner of this software, confirmed with me that it’s still in progress. Thus, even if I’m one of them, I have to try the software in my PC just to get a feel.




Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Long Tail Pro user and it’s still my favorite keyword research tool. In fact, I use it more often than the others since I’m pretty much familiar of its functionalities. I do have a few complaints though, but it makes my life easier, so it’s just fine.

Bottom line, it’s really up to you to decide now on what’s the best keyword research tool is best for your content. Whatever you’re using though, if it gets the job done, then it should be fine. There will be hits and misses, meaning, not all of those keywords would land your article in the first page of Google, but if it gives you a pretty good picture of how that keyword would blend in conveying your message, then you can rank it higher than this list. You can have yours as the best keyword research tool regardless of whoever’s opinion.
Did I miss some? It’ll be my pleasure to scribe them in here if you’ll just remind me. Looking forward to your priceless recommendations.



“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”