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Why is IDPLR One Of The Best PLR Sites To Find Private Label Products To Sell

Why is IDPLR One Of The Best PLR Sites To Find Private Label Products To Sell

You know everyone thinks most PLRs are garbages, right?

To most of the established writers and bloggers, Private Label Products are crap!

You know what, probably they’re right!

Probably Private Label Products to sell, use as they are or rehash such as videos, software, graphics and especially articles, are sometimes too uncultured to land on anybody’s WordPress site.

Or probably there are just a bunch of “scientists” out there who keep on experimenting if indeed their PLR sites could make it to the mainstream.

But the question really is, are you one of the great writers and bloggers who can easily figure out their next article or product?

Can you build websites, products, epic articles from ground zero?

If not, chances are, you also need help just like many other newbies (or even some of the intermediate bloggers who continue to look for sustainable options).

Do you at least need some inspirations to pump up your creative juices?

If so, you can have a good start with Private Label Rights.

They won’t necessarily bring you to a status of greatness, but they can at least pull you out of that deep hole called “empty post”.


Where To Find the Best Private Label Products To Sell

More than 12 months ago, I’ve listed down 123 PLR sites that provide PLR products. It looks like this.

Top 5 PLR sites 2016


Although it’s almost always a battle between the Top 2 sites, as of this time of data-mining however, IDPLR tops the list.


Rank PLR Site Alexa Global Rank Header/Slogan/Remarks
1 IDPLR 39,317 Instant Access to 8280 PLR Products which You Can Resell And Keep 100% Of The Profits!
2 Resell Rights Weekly 41,772 Download New PLR & Resale rights Products Weekly for FREE!
3 Master Resale Rights 77,866 Rebrandable ebooks, articles, videos and more…
4 Unstoppable PLR 81,200 Discover 3 Proven Tactics To Profit Immediately From Private Label Products
5 PLR PLR 122,810 100,000’s of totally free PLR Article


I don’t normally use articles from the site as they are but I just can’t resist the temptation of visiting them from time to time to check out new stuffs.

Amazingly, they consistently produce PLR products that one can experiment, play or do business with. In fact, almost everyday, you’ll tickle your creative genius as you see their new PLR products.

The Alexa ranking may change in the next 3 months, but let me enumerate why IDPLR continues to dominate in the Private Label Products department.





  • New PLR products added almost every day!
  • You’ll get updated of the Internet Marketing trends
  • Covers articles, ebooks, audio, graphics, software, templates, turnkey sites, videos
  • Free members can download ebooks, software, videos
  • Gold members enjoy Private Label Products to sell or use with personal use, giveaway rights, master resale rights, private label rights, resale rights licenses
  • Access to Live Preview
  • Access to all Training Tutorials
  • Webhosting with 5GB of space and unlimited traffic!
  • Members “Product Request(If you find any resale or PLR product which is not listed on their site, they’ll purchase it to be listed on their site especially if the license allows them to).
  • Members “Product Creation(You can submit your own ideas for private label rights products you want to see created every month. Your ideas will be placed in queue on their product creation schedule. You will get the product once it is complete as part of the regular membership.)
  • Bonus includes Product, Training, E-cover creator, web hosting and WP Sales copy
  • First Class Support (Gold members have access to our priority first-class support where we will answer your questions in a record breaking time.)
  • First Class Support (Gold members have access to their priority first-class support where they will answer your questions in a record breaking time.)
  • No download limit per day (Gold members don’t have any download restrictions.)
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Fair and profitable affiliate program
  • Hundreds of satisfied IDPLR members as seen in the Testimonials section (which also rotates at the side bar)

As members, you too can submit your own testimonials with your url of course.

I took a snapshot of some the testimonials for your easy reference.

IDPLR testimonial from Rachelle Yingling

IDPLR Testimonial from Benjamin Bellville

IDPLR Testimonial from Callie Davies


However, despite these wonderful reasons why IDPLR proves to be one of the best sites in providing PLR contents, it also has its flip side. Not so much though as compared to the benefits that can likely deliver results to your online plans.



  • Some Private Label Products to sell or to own are refurbished
  • Some articles are garbages indeed.
  • There are too many great information to absorb and use which sometimes confuses a newbie
  • Free members download limited to 500
  • New products for Free members are updated on a monthly basis (not daily)


Regardless of how you look at it, your overall success using PLR products may still depend on how you intend to use them.

My primary reason why I signed in for the Lifetime Gold Membership of IDPLR years ago was for inspiration.

Infographics bundles are one of the PLR bundles for personal use

You may sign up even as a free member using the same reason, write some posts using related videos with PLR rights, produce a new content using some audio products with PLR, create some infographics (just like the image at the left) or you can use some turnkey sites with Private Label rights for an instant website.

You can absolutely select any private label products to sell as they are or create something new with a few tweaks.

How about creating an animated explainer out of an old article? After all, there can be goldmines in some junks.

You could actually come up with refreshing contents using any of the PLR products anytime .

It may take a few imaginations here and there but bottom line, it is indeed a possibility to revive one’s blog with refreshed and refreshing contents.


Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you know why IDPLR is one of the best sites to find Private Label products to sell or reuse, create one today!

There is really no limit as to what you can do.

You can choose to be a Free Member for a while or simply jump in to the abundance of a Gold Membership (3 months – $37, 1 Year – $89 or Lifetime Membership – $197 $97).

Who knows, the new products that they’re updating for the day are the ones that you’re actually looking for.


Instant Access To Over 5787+PLR Products