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Why WordPress Is King For Online Beginners

Why WordPress Is King For Online Beginners

If you’re starting online, you’re probably wondering why WordPress is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites (as of January 2015) and installed at about 60 million websites around the world (with reference to Wiki). That’s probably 25% of the total active websites today. Though there’s almost a billion websites registered somewhere, 75% of them today are not active, but parked domains or similar (according to Internet Live Stats).

Aside from the figures above, you’d also wonder why WordPress is even used in running the blogs of the hotshot websites like The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, eBay, Rolling Stones, MTV, etc. With these facts alone, you’d be in good company in using WordPress.

Let’s tackle ten more reasons why you should start with WordPress regardless of your site’s intention – personal blog, local business, e-commerce, e-product selling or services.

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Great For You

1. Easy to Install. If you don’t write codes but have a special passion to share your thoughts, products and services locally or globally, then you’ll do remarkably with WordPress. The Wordpress learning curve isn’t that stiff that’s why WordPress has had the exponential growth throughout the years. As long as you have your domain hosted somewhere else, then you can install WordPress in minutes. Here’s our own step-by-step guide on how to use WordPress. There are 50+ videos in it to hand hold you in creating a website from scratch.

2. Affordable. In some web hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehosts, etc. you’ll be given at least 1 free domain. Choose web host providers who’ll give you such privilege but choose the most affordable. Here’s our basic tutorial on how to build a website just in case you’re really starting from scratch. Aside from these necessary expenses, you’re not required to spend in WordPress. This is why WordPress is tremendously popular for beginners, intermediate and even experts alike. Unless you’d want fancier, more sophisticated functionalities and better performance that are offered as premium plugins and themes, you don’t need to spend any further. But if you have to, there are lots of options where you can spend the least. That’s a great amount of affordability as you cut through the chase in learning Wordpress.

3. Recovery Features. The primary use of backing up your data is for recovery. Just in case something happens to your site, at least you have something to pull out and not start from scratch. You may use the basic backup features of WordPress or you can have free or premium plugins like Vaultpress (founded by the WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg), BackupBuddy, BackupWordpress, Duplicator, etc. What’s important is you do it as often as possible manually or automatically.

4. Safe and secure. Any website can be attacked by unwanted intruders including WordPress websites. However, with all the security measures developed and tested through its 12-year existence (WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003), one’s site can be made safe and secure through plugins. This is greatly necessary as you wouldn’t want to throw away all of your contents just because you could no longer access your own site.

5. Beautiful Themes. Realistically speaking, a newly-installed WordPress is as good as nothing from your visitors’ perspective. It’s a good bragging right though for your friends and families that you’ve actually created your own website. For business or blogging purposes though, it’s not enough. Dressing it up though can complete half of the picture (the other half is handled by the plugins’ features and functionalities). Depending on your site’s intentions, your WordPress theme should look like what it’s supposed to deliver. If it’s an e-commerce site, then look for themes that can give you product features and pricing. If it’s a business website, don’t use the personal blog themes. Simply use those WordPress themes that have great product pricing schemes, functions and descriptions. I’ve been using the Elegant Themes for two simple reasons – affordability and beauty. With less than 80 cents per theme, you’d have access to 87 themes all year round for $69 only. Some would charge you that much for one theme alone. With all the thousands of themes available today, there’s no doubt why WordPress is a no-brainer choice by more than 60% of CMS website owners today.

6. Effective Plugins. WordPress is basically boring without plugins. It could even be likened to a Smartphone without apps. From SEO, security, themes, e-commerce to affiliate marketing, polling, social media, ad management, and probably anything else that you can think of, you can make your site safer, rank higher, look better and function much more effectively.’s database has 37,357 plugins with 901,114,014 downloads as of today (the figures change daily). This is why WordPress is greatly popular to developers and bloggers alike with reference to the supply-demand cycle.

7. SEO-Friendly. This is another reason of most website owners why WordPress became their top choice in the first place. If done well, their site can become SEO-friendly. Although the basic installation of WordPress isn’t SEO-friendly, it is possible to make your posts and pages rank higher. Try some of these tricks and you’ll get nearer to a more SEO-friendly site –  create your legal pages, install popular SEO-friendly plugins like WP Yoast, fix your Permalink settings, rename your uncategorized Categories, remove broken links of images, reduce 404 errors, install Google Analytics for WordPress and use Keyword Research Tools in most, if not all, of your posts.

8. Great Support System. Since there are hundreds of millions of users and developers of WordPress, you can find a trustworthy community just about anywhere else. I learned my WordPress from Chris Farrell Membership 3 years ago. While I was there, Jeff Hope, Steve Dutton and Chris Farrell himself were for real in extending their support from Wordpress to anything else about making money online. In Elegant Themes community, I always get good technical responses about WordPress. They even give their members some relevant codes to rectify issues related to the WordPress themes or otherwise. And if you google your WordPress issue, most likely you’ll end up in the community wherein thousands of WordPress problems and issues are already stored in its database. The thing is, you’ll most likely have resolutions to any of your WordPress concerns even if nobody’s literally watching your back.

Why WordPress is talked about just  about anywhere else

Even CFM has a full course about WordPress


9. Scalable. Whether you’re starting online to document your travel, fashion, music, food passion or making your offline business felt online, WordPress is greatly scalable. Even big names like Tech Crunch, Sony Music, Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Best Buy, Facebook Newsroom, etc. use WordPress. Check out their site’s footer and you’ll most likely see See why WordPress is indeed king?

10. Share-able. There could be dozens of plugins today that are intended for social media sharing. Some themes have built-in social media plugins to make your site easily shareable. What you see at the left side of this post is an example of the Monarch plugin of Elegant Themes. You can select amongst the 5 positions – sidebar, inline, popup, fly-in or media – it offers. If you’re like the majority of web owners, you’d wish hundreds or thousands would actually share your thoughts among their friends. Well, if it’s shared more than a million times, you must have done something really great. The least that you would want to happen is for your readers to copy and paste your article’s URL to their timeline. By giving them the social media tool, it’ll make their lives easier. That’s another reason why WordPress has become so handy for both website owners and their readers.

Why wordpress?  One great reason is it's shareable!

Elegant Theme’s Monach plugin backend


I hope it somehow helped you decide why WordPress and not Drupal, Joomla or otherwise, as you begin your online journey. It may not be the best in some aspects, but its benefits will more likely outshine its perceived drawbacks.